As founder of Soreil Jackie explores her creativity to create different collections which differ in shapes, prints, colors and story, resulting in undergarments that will be for sure unique and out of the crowd. Every collection is a universe in which you can imagine a certain kind of woman, it doesn't matter if it’s classier, sexier, riskier or playful, but always fearless .

Jackie Sasson is a fashion and textile designer from Colombia graduated from La Universidad Argentina de la Empresa based in Buenos Aires where she lived for seven years. She believes that the most important thing about women sensuality is freedom and confidence, that is why she created Soreil, to get close to all those girls who are going through a path of self-love and give them the perfect complement to feel even greater with themselves.

You must know that when we say “handmade” we really mean it, because every single garment is conceived, sketched, measured, cut and put together by Jackie and a team of head-of-family women. So, with your purchase you are always supporting them.